at the

Green Energy Mobilization Rally
Tuesday, February 21, 6 PM
Federal Building
880 Front St, San Diego 92101

Headlines tell us that the Planet is experiencing record heat from climate changing greenhouse gases, but President Trump has said climate change is a hoax. Whom are we to believe? For those who believe Climate Change is not a hoax there is an opportunity to make your voices heard.

The San Diego Climate Mobilization Coalition, of which Sierra Club San Diego is a part, will hold a rally Tuesday, February 21 at 6 PM in front of the Federal Building. The rally will call upon the President, House and Senate to implement a nation-wide mobilization to transition the United States off of fossil fuels and create a carbon-free America.  To get to this goal a massive movement involving peaceful demonstrations will be required.


The conversion of the United States to Green Energy has been computer modeled by Engineering Professor Mark Jacobson and his environmental colleagues at Stanford University.   Their plan calls for the creation of millions of Green jobs to build an infrastructure of wind turbines, rooftop solar, ocean wave energy conversion machines, geothermal power plants, centralized solar power plants, pumped hydroelectric power plants and a nationwide smart electrical grid.

Speakers at the event will be Ruben Arizmendi, chair of Sierra Club San Diego and Wes Clark, Jr., son of retired Army General and former NATO commander Wesley Clark.  Wes Clark, Jr., is a Georgetown educated screenwriter, activist and guest host on The Young Turks, the largest YouTube online news  and commentary show in the world.Mr. Clark helped organize thousands of U. S. veterans who went to Standing Rock in support of the Native Americans fighting to prevent the construction of the Dakota Pipeline.

The Climate Mobilization is headquartered in New York City and was founded by Margaret Klein Salaman, PhD in psychology and an expert in the psychology behind climate denial.

For more information, contact Nancy Casady at 858-457-0246.