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The Sierra Club is the nation’s largest and most influential grassroots environmental organization — with three million members and supporters. Founded by legendary conservationist John Muir in 1892, the club has expanded with 64 chapters across the country. San Diego’s Chapter was founded in 1948 and has been instrumental in the community with it’s involvement in the Desert Protection Act, establishment of the Torrey Pines State Park, saving the Famosa Slough, stopping Desert Mining, protecting the La Jolla Seals and Sea Lions, preventing Jackson Drive from going through Mission Trails Park.

In addition, to it’s conservation efforts, the Sierra Club San Diego offers a variety of outdoor experiences for the community with a hiking section, bicycle section, wilderness basics course, photography club, cross-country ski section, and bus trips.




Chapter Executive Committee

The Chapter Executive Committee is composed of seven volunteers, elected to three-year terms, and an appointed representative, for a one-year term, from each Chapter Group.  The Committee has the legal responsibility and authority to oversee all staff and volunteer activities of the Chapter, to establish the Chapter’s conservation priorities and internal policies, and to adopt and implement the annual budget.

Lisa Ross, Chair (2026)
Ron Askeland, Vice-Chair (2025)
Rochelle Hancock, Treasurer (2024)
Ruben Arizmendi, Secretary (2026)
Pam Heaterington, North County Group Representative (2024)
Sally Prendergast, North County Coastal Group Representative (2024)
Susan Baldwin (2025)
Alan Geraci (2025)
Agatha Wein (2024)


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