The Wilderness Basics Course is a ten week hiking, camping, and backpacking course that combines ten in-class lectures with four weekend outings taught by experienced and dedicated staff. This class is designed for all levels from beginners to advanced backpackers.

This comprehensive course will give you key information about:

  • selecting clothing, gear, and equipment
  • how to use a map and compass
  • physical conditioning
  • first aid and safety
  • food selection and preparation and
  • water filtration
  • animal encounters
  • sanitation
  • lots more!

Participants are taught skills to safely enjoy the wilderness. These skills are taught in lectures and practiced in overnight outings. The four overnight outings allow you to practice the skills you learned in class while exploring the great outdoors.

Our goal is to share our knowledge and skills in the safe enjoyment of wilderness areas and to convey a sense of responsibility for maintaining the purity and integrity of the wilderness environment. Course fee includes textbook and compass.

Participants must supply their own equipment which may be rented from many sporting goods stores. Information about equipment will be covered in the course lectures.

The course is offered each year from January to May/April with lectures on Tuesday nights 7:00 – 9:30 PM. The course is conveniently held at two locations: Escondido at San Pasqual High School and San Diego (Mission Valley) at the First United Methodist Church – Linder Hall in Mission Valley.

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