San Diego Chapter’s environmental activists make up the Conservation Committee. Working under an adopted set of conservation priorities, this group keeps vigil over conservation issues & campaigns and maintains liaisons with government agencies and non-government organizations in San Diego and Imperial counties. Volunteer and internship opportunities are available to guard our natural resources in the San Diego area, to work on issues, support education and outreach activities, and support office operations.

The Conservation Committee is the center of activism for the Sierra Club’s San Diego Chapter. Its mission is four-fold:

  • Watching over continuing environmental concerns.
  • Advocacy of laws and regulations to protect the environment.
  • Monitoring enforcement of environmental laws and regulation.
  • Environmental education in the schools and community.

The Committee is made up entirely of volunteers. Sub-committees each focus on an environmental issue ranging from old growth forest protection to water quality.

You can find our current PRIORITIES here.

To get more active, contact our Conservation Chair.