Make a Donation to the Sierra Club Today

We must work tirelessly to protect wildlife and wild places, ensure clean air and water for all, and fight for environmental justice. Your donation will support all of our work to move San Diego county and the country in a new, just, and equitable direction. Make your donation today.

Chapter General Fund

Contributions and gifts to Sierra Club San Diego Chapter General Fund are not tax-deductible; they support our effective citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts.

To donate by mail, please make your check payable to “Sierra Club San Diego. ” Write “General Fund” in the memo corner of the check and mail to:
Sierra Club San Diego
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, #101
San Diego, CA 92111


Tax-Deductible Donations

Contributions and gifts to Sierra Club Foundation San Diego Chapter Fund are tax-deductible as charitable contributions as they support grants for public education, research and public interest litigation necessary to further the Sierra Club’s conservation goals.


To donate by mail, please make your check payable to “Sierra Club Foundation.” Write “San Diego Chapter” in the memo corner of the check and mail to:
Sierra Club San Diego
8304 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, #101
San Diego, CA 92111


Make a Memorial Donation

By giving a memorial gift in memory of a family member or friend, you not only affirm your environmental values, but also recognize that these values were shared by the individual being honored. If you choose, we will send an acknowledgment in your name to friends or loved ones close to the individual being honored, informing them of the gift. The gift amount will be kept confidential. You may include a special note, if you wish.

Donate your Car, Boat, Motorcycle to the Sierra Club Foundation Vehicle Donation Program for Sierra Club San Diego

Donate your vehicle and support the charitable programs of Sierra Club San Diego.  When you donate a vehicle that you no longer need or use, you reduce your impact, and receive a tax deduction. CARS will pick up most cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RVs, motorcycles, off-road vehicles, and heavy equipment, making it easy for you to support the Sierra Club San Diego’s mission to move toward a greener future.

For more information contact Richard Miller at 858-569-6005.



Planned Giving

There are a variety of ways to make a lasting contribution toward a better world and ensure the environment is protected for generations to come.
We welcome the opportunity to show you the potential benefits of making a gift to support our work. Personal discussions, visits, or written presentations incur no obligation on your part, and of course, all information discussed is confidential.

Below is a summary of the various ways you can make a financial commitment to the San Diego Chapter from your will, living trust, or other estate plans to protect our environment.

  • Bequests: Make a gift to support the environmental work of future generations in your will or living trust. Sample bequest language is available.
  • Retirement Plan Assets: Use your tax deferred retirement plan assets to benefit the environment.
  • Life Income Gifts: Transfer assets to The Sierra Club Foundation and you and your chosen beneficiary receive income for a term of years or for life. After the conclusion of the term, the remainder of the life income gift is distributed to The Foundation.
  • Rachel Carson Society: We honor and recognize individuals who make a commitment to the environment by including the Sierra Club or The Sierra Club Foundation in their estate plans.