What is the “Fire Safe and VMT Efficient” Climate Action Plan Alternative?


Thanks for requesting more information on the Sierra Club response to the San Diego County Climate Action Plan. The Board of Supervisors will be considering three alternatives this fall.

Here are some things that should be improved in the County Climate Action Plan:

  • The most important is for the county to adopt one of the alternative smart growth plans called the Fire Safe and VMT Efficient Alternative as their primary plan. This alternative would: restrict development in the high and very high wildfire zones, reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, lower air pollution, decrease traffic, and preserve wildlands and endangered species.
  • The Climate Action Plan should not permit out of county carbon offsets by developers in violation of multiple Sierra Club lawsuits that we won.
  • The Plan should bar general plan amendments in the high and very high wildfire zones of the County.
  • The Plan should adopt free parking for electric vehicles at all county facilities and parking meters.
  • The plan should require all new residential and commercial developments to be electric and prohibit plumbing for natural gas.

Here are the things about CAP as written we like:

  • The introduction acknowledges the “Climate Emergency.”
  • Commits to plant 3,900 trees annually in the unincorporated County of San Deigo.
  • Prohibits gas and diesel-powered landscaping equipment in the County.
  • Adds substantial new public electric vehicle charging stations.

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