Planning Meetings

Monthly planning meetings are usually held on the last Tuesday of each month that is on or prior to the 26th of the month. Officers and interested members are welcome; location and contact information is published in each Out Spoken’ newsletter. In order for our host to accommodate them, officiers & guests must RSVP prior to the Friday preceding the meeting.


Chairperson Neil Brooks 858/452-3905
Vice-chairperson Suzanne Behrendt 619/212-0475
Coalition Liaison Myles Pomeroy 858/565-7262
Database Manager Jerry Fitzsimmons 858/224-3437
Member at Large Allen Ramrus 858/245-1643
Membership Jerry Fitzsimmons 858/224-3437
Newsletter Mark Ginsburg 858/722-1992
Outings Chair Marty Hambright 858/587-0272
Program Chair Hao Zhang 858/623-0628
Promotions Ellen Scott
Refreshments Carol Hunt
Secretary Lynn Reaser 781/879-3586
Treasurer Ron Manherz 858/587-0272