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Mission Bay Sunday Ride
(distances are approximate)
Go: Dist.
Total Dist.

0.2 0.2 Exit parking lot; turn R on E Mission Bay Dr
1.9 2.1 Turn R on Sea World Dr
0.2 2.3 Turn L on Friars bike lane
0.1 2.4 Turn R onto north riverside bike trail
1.4 3.8 Pass under Sunset Cliff Blvd bridge
0.2 4.0 Exit bike trail R onto bike lane on bridge
0.4 4.4 Turn R onto south riverside bike trail
0.5 4.9 Exit bike trail; STOP at restroom
Exit parking lot L onto Bacon St
1.0 5.9 Turn L on Coronado Ave
0.2 6.1 Turn R on Cable St
0.1 6.2 Turn L on Orchard Ave
0.1 6.3 Turn R on Sunset Cliff Blvd
0.9 7.2 Bear R on Sunset Cliff Blvd
0.6 7.8 Turn L on Ladera St
0.1 7.9 Turn L on Cornish; REGROUP
0.4 8.3 Cross Hill St
0.1 8.4 Turn R on Novara St
0.2 8.6 Merge with Santa Barbara St
0.2 8.8 Turn R on Catalina Blvd; bear R into bike lane
0.8 9.6 Merge with Catalina Blvd bike lane
0.3 9.9 STOP at Cabrillo Pt. guardbooth
Leave guardbooth north on Catalina Blvd
1.3 11.2 Turn L on Santa Barbara
1.1 12.3 Turn L on Narragansett
0.7 13.0 Turn R on Bacon
0.4 13.4 Turn L onto south riverside bike path
2.9 16.3 Exit bike path R onto Pacific Hwy
1.0 17.3 Cross Sea World Dr onto E Mission Bay Dr
2.0 19.3 Turn L into parking lot