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North County: Black Mtn – Rancho Santa Fe
(distances are approximate)
Go: Dist.
Total Dist.

Start; exit parking lot R onto Del Mar Hts.
0.7 0.7 Turn L on Lansdale (becomes Black Mtn Rd.)
1.6 2.3 Merge with Carmel Valley Rd. at stop sign
1.2 3.5 Turn L on Rancho Santa Fe Farms Rd.
REGROUP at junction turnout
1.1 4.6 Turn L on Rancho Dieguino
1.2 5.8 Turn R on San Dieguito
0.6 6.4 Turn L on El Apajo
REGROUP at school; continue on El Apajo
0.6 7.0 Turn R on Via de Santa Fe
1.0 8.0 Turn R on Via de la Valle
0.6 8.6 Turn R on Las Colinas
REGROUP at junction; continue on Las Colinas
2.2 10.8 Becomes El Vuelo
0.5 11.3 Turn R on La Valle Plateada
0.2 11.5 Cross Paseo Delicias onto Montevideo
REGROUP at junction turnout; continue on Montevideo
0.7 12.2 Turn L on San Elijo
1.8 14.0 Turn R on La Granada; follow yellow road stripe
0.1 14.1 Merges with Los Morros; continue on Los Morros
0.2 14.3 Becomes La Bajada (Los Morros splits off to right)
0.5 14.8 Turn L on Rancho Santa Fe; cross bridge
0.3 15.1 STOP at bakery in Harvest Ranch shopping center
Exit parking lot R onto Rancho Santa Fe
0.3 15.4 Turn R on La Bajada
0.3 15.7 Turn R on La Noria
0.8 16.5 Becomes El Camino Real
0.7 17.2 Turn R at Orilla intersection
1.3 18.5 Cross Linea del Cielo at stop sign
REGROUP at junction
1.2 19.7 Turn R on Via de la Valle
0.3 20.0 Turn L on El Camino Real
2.5 22.5 Turn L into parking lot
End of ride