Non-ride Submissions

Send newsletter submissions to:

newsletter editor’s email

Mark Ginsburg
4540 Huggins St
San Diego, CA 92122.

Classifieds accepted on a space-available basis to members of the Bicycle Section.

Submitting Rides

Send ride submissions to:

Outings Chair, Outing Chair’s email.
Please refer to your current newsletter for contact information.

Please use exactly the same format used in the newsletter. This makes it MUCH easier when putting together all of the ride descriptions each month, since the Outings Chair can cut and paste from your e-mails. Please type the day of the week and the title of the ride all in capital letters. The format of the captions should be “date – DAY-OF-WEEK” on first line, then “(RATING) TITLE” on second line.

Please abbreviate miles as “mi” and use “&” for “and” whenever appropriate. Note the format of “Leader: name, phone number.” to end the description. And we have recently started listing the phone numbers with just dashes (no parentheses), e.g., 858-234-5678.

When in doubt, just refer to a current Outspoken’ newsletter for the proper format. And please keep the descriptions as brief and succinct as possible; we always have to shorten some of the ride descriptions to keep the list at a length that will fit in the newsletter, especially during those months when we have evening rides.

Thanks to all of you for leading rides.