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Fight Plastic Litter: Tell the City Of San Diego to Ban Foam Food Containers and More

Tell Mayor Kevin Faulconer and the San Diego City Council that you want a comprehensive ordinance banning the consumption of expanded polystyrene (EPS; e.g.,“Styrofoam®”) food containers, and other …. Read More

Get Involved: Join SANDAC

SANDAC (San Diego Activist Citizens) is a group of Sierra Club Volunteers who are looking to prioritze public transportation in the 2019 edition of the Regional Transportation Plan.
Are you interested in volunteering your time to be a part of this program?

Be part of the movement.

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Lawsuit Challenges San Diego County’s Sprawl-promoting Climate Plan

On March 19, the Sierra Club filed two lawsuits challenging the County of San Diego’s latest iteration of its Climate Action Plan, which again fails to set forth concrete, enforceable measures that adequately reduce the climate change impacts of development in the county. The lawsuit alleges that the Climate Action Plan relies too heavily on carbon credit programs located outside of the county, stating that San Diego officials will not be able to survey and enforce the authenticity of these credits and therefore does not actually achieve confirmable emissions reductions.

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Looking to get active?  Want to help protect our natural world and communities?

Let us help you find your perfect volunteer opportunity.  Just fill out our volunteer form HERE and one of our Coordinators of Volunteers will get right back to you and get you going!


Solar Seminar

Monday, August 27
6:30pm – 7:30pm

Poway Community Library
13137 Poway Rd, Poway, CA 92064

Attend this solar seminar to learn about solar technology, battery integration and financial benefits.  Have your solar questions answered by nationally certified energy practitioners.

What You Will Learn:

  • Latest technologies
  • How solar works
  • If solar will work for your home
  • Available state and federal incentives
  • Battery storage and integration
  • How to choose a solar provider
  • Policy updates
  • Utility rate changes
Be part of the solution by joining the solar energy revolution.

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Help Support the San Diego Chapter

It’s never a bad time to donate your car/boat/motorcycle and you may qualify for a 2018 tax deduction!.

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Welcome to the Chapter’s New Executive Committee and Officers

The Chapter’s new Executive Committee is comprised of 9 voting members.  Seven members are to be elected by the membership and each Group Executive Committee appoints a voting member from their Executive Committee.

As part of the transition to a fully elected Executive Committee, 4 members of the former Steering Committee will continue to serve on the Executive Committee, with 3 newly elected members.  The 4 positions held by the former Steering Committee will be filled by member election in 2019.    We have 2 Groups, the North County Group and North County Coastal Group.

The new Executive Committee met for the first time on August 8, 2018 and elected new officers for the Chapter.  Serving on the new Executive Committee and officers are:

Peter Andersen, former Steering Committee member and Chapter Chair
David Hogan, newly elected member and Chapter Vice-Chair
Amanda Mascia, newly elected member and Chapter Secretary
George Courser, former Steering Committee member
Krista Davidson, newly elected member
Brian Elliott, former Steering Committee member
Fred Rogers, former Steering Committee member
Doug Grover, North County Group representative
Sally Prendergast, North County Coastal Group representative

Chapter member Rochelle Hancock will continue to serve as the Chapter Treasurer.

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