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The Sierra Club Seal Society urgently needs volunteers to help protect the seals and sea lions in La Jolla. New pups are born every day and we need new docents to educate the public to respect the viewing guidelines. Please volunteer HERE

Looking to get active?  Want to help protect our natural world and communities?

Let us help you find your perfect volunteer opportunity.  Just fill out our volunteer form HERE and one of our Coordinators of Volunteers will get right back to you and get you going!

2018 Annual Report

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Chapter & Group Executive Committee Elections are Underway – VOTE!

The annual election for the Chapter’s Executive Committee and the North County and North County Coastal (Coasters) Groups Executive Committees are now underway.  Your participation is critical for a strong Chapter.  All Chapter members are eligible to vote in the Chapter Executive Committee elections.  Please check the ballot instructions to see if you are eligible to vote in the Group Executive Committee elections.  Groups are specific geographical areas and not all Chapter members belong to a Group.

This year members will be able to cast their ballots electronically or by using the paper ballot in the October-December 2021 edition of the HiSierran newsletter.  If we receive both electronic and paper ballots for the same membership number, only the electronic ballot will be counted. 

 To Cast Your Ballot Electronically visit here .

 Each provides a statement about themselves and their views.  To read the candidates’ statements, visit here.  Then make your choice and cast your vote!

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Sierra Club worked with Environmental Justice  and National Partners who released this platform (info here EJ and National Group Leadership met with a number of members of Congress on both the House and Senate side to discuss the joint platform and what it means for future climate policy.

Encourage your local government to fight climate change!

We’ve lots of suggested actions you can take locally.

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