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2017-2018 Ski Section Schedule

Hi Skiers, Being eternal optimists, we are planning ski trips for the coming season. The long range forecast is for normal precipitation in the west, and slightly higher than normal temperature. The long range forecast has been completely unreliable in the past few years: the weather has been totally opposite what was forecast.

So, we will plan a few historically reliable trips, and hope for the best. If the winter is more favorable, we can add more trips.

The most exciting announcement is Yosemite for President’s Weekend. It won’t be a bus trip, but train and bus options are available.

If you want to join my email list, send an email to <> You will receive updates to the schedule, including local ski trips when we have local snow.

Here are the 3 trips we have so far
Nov 22-26 Mammoth Thanksgiving. Alice Fichandler <> We have one condo reserved. We had some snow last year, but some years this is a hiking trip. Mammoth is always a fun destination. About $160 for the condo and dinner. Carpool.

Dec 27-31 Bear Valley. Alice Fichandler <> We have two condos reserved. Bear Valley is 500mi from SD. It has XC groomed tracks, a downhill resort, and good backcountry skiing. Cost TBD. Carpool.

Feb 15-19 Yosemite. Monique Alkemade <> This is the legendary ski trip we did for nearly 30 years. This is very similar to the bus trips we did in the past, except it will be carpool instead of by bus. ​ ​ We ​ have 5 rooms reserved at Yosemite Lodge. We may be able to add more rooms if necessary. We will stay the first night ​ at the Oakhurst Best Western, then drive to Badger Pass in the morning. The next 3 nights will be at Yosemite Lodge, then drive home. $449.25 ​ ​ per person ​ ​ for a double room, $313.83 per person ​ ​ for a triple room, plus food and carpool costs. Amtrak does serve Yosemite Valley via 2 trains and 2 buses. It costs about $125 R/T. This is less expensive than one person driving a car, but a lot more than 4 people sharing a car.

If the snow is good, we would like to add ski trips to Sequoia Montecito Lodge, and Clair Tappaan Lodge.

Please send Mike Fry <> suggestions for additional trips.