Rating System

The rating system is a rough guide for determining a ride’s level of difficulty. Rides rated 2-B or higher may be too difficult for beginners; please call leader if you are unsure of your ability. Participation is not limited to members. Minors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Rides begin 15 minutes after designated meeting time.

Distance (mi) Hills Pace (avg. MPH)
1 – Up to 13 A – Basically Flat S – Social 10-12
2 – 14 to 20 B – Rolling Hills P – Peppy 12-14
3 – 21 to 35 C – Moderate Hills B – Brisk 14-16
4 – Over 35 D – Steep Grade(s) F – Fast 16+


Helmet, water, spare tube, pump and patch kit.

All participants on Sierra Club outings are required to sign a standard liabililty waiver.