Vote! Sierra Club Board of Directors

The annual election for Sierra Club’s Board of Directors is now underway.

Those eligible to vote in the national Sierra Club election will receive in the mail (or by email if you chose the electronic delivery option) your national Sierra Club ballot in early March 2021. This will include information on candidates and where you can find additional information on Sierra Club’s website.

Your participation is critical for a strong Sierra Club.

The Sierra Club is a democratically structured organization at all levels and requires the regular flow of views on policy and priorities from its grassroots membership in order to function well. Yearly participation in elections at all Sierra Club levels is a right of membership and your voice matters.

In a typical year less than 10% of eligible members vote in the Board elections. A minimum of 5% is required for the elections to be valid. Our grassroots structure is strengthened when our participation is high. That means your participation is needed in the voting process.

How can I learn about the candidates? Members frequently state that they don’t know the candidates and find it difficult to vote without learning more.

Each candidate provides a statement about themselves and their views on the official election ballot. You can learn more by asking questions of your group and chapter leadership and other experienced members. Also, click here to visit the Sierra Club’s election website for additional information about candidates.

Voting Online is quick and easy! Even if you receive your election materials in the mail, we encourage you to use the user-friendly Internet voting site to save time and postage. If sending via ground mail, please note: your ballots must be received by no later than noon Eastern time on Election Day, April 28, 2021.